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Looking to be held accountable by someone who shares the same..looking for an HONEST decent woman that's got similar interests and maybe a little older than me..
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Gay is not "bad," but there is a lot of negative connotations to gay SUBCULTURE stuff, particularly the bar "scene" and the Craiglist hookup posts. I don't think some stars want to be affiliated "gay" because they have their own notions of sexuality that are not defined by gay.[quote]I don't think some stars want to be affiliated "gay" because they have their own notions of sexuality that are not defined by gay. Oh my god, straight is pure, straight is good, straight hot, straight is masculine, straight is acceptable, straight is perfection, straight is normal, straight is power, straight is what I am desperate to be!! They just don't want to have to always BE the "poster child" for "I'm a cool guy who does not have asshole pics on Craiglist" kind of person. Some celebrities really don't want to be a part of the bullshit aspect of all of it and didn't sign on to carry the torch, as it were. Not the people who are upfront as to who they really are. It's not as if people here are nice to straight or especially closeted celebs...