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The king presented two opponents from which Aang could choose, both of which were intimidating in appearance, bearing both armor and weapons.

King Bumi was chosen as the Avatar's opponent, but it was soon realized that the young airbender had made a mistake as Bumi threw off his royal robes and flexed his muscles, revealing himself to be a powerful and muscular earthbender.

Upon Aang's successful completion of the first test, Bumi administered the next test, which involved finding Flopsie, the king's pet, and bringing the animal to him.

After the Avatar had finished the second challenge, Bumi called over his pet and began to rub the goat gorilla's "soft belly", showing affection toward the animal.

Shortly after Team Avatar's departure, Omashu was attacked by the Fire Nation.

King Bumi was lowered by a crane to the ground, but was revealed as being secured in an encasement that tightly covered his entire body, save for his face.Although Bumi appeared senile, he was in fact a brilliant and patient tactician, willing to wait until the opportune moment to strike in order to produce the most favorable outcome.Bumi carried himself with the same composure during a quiet, peaceful meal as he did when his city was under attack and he rarely explained his actions, which tended to infuriate his subordinates. As a child, he became close friends with Aang, showing him how to use the Omashu delivery system as "the world's greatest super slide", which caused the young airbender to label Bumi as a "mad genius".At first, Aang was clueless, but as he thought about the challenges, he realized that each one was designed to make him think differently, as his old friend, Bumi, always had, prompting the Avatar to solve the riddle and once again declare Bumi as a "mad genius".Bumi explained to Aang that strength and bending alone would not be enough to defeat Fire Lord Ozai and that when it came time for Aang to face him, "[he] hope[s] [Aang] will think like a mad genius".

Bumi noted that the chambers should be numbered, but resolved the misunderstanding by declaring that the three be taken to "the refurbished chamber that was once bad".

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Avatar datinghomes com bu 1 introduction

Avatar datinghomes com bu 1

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