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I have had this perfume a while and when I first wore it I didn't like it but it was spring / summer time . I will buy this gem, and one think that makes me love it more, is that its unknown for most of the people :))) I will not smell like every body At first it's pretty strong and leaning towards manly. After a few hours the perfume becomes soft, almost powdery and feminine. There's a nice, woody and floral base for it all to sit on. It took me some time to finally review Ange ou Demon.I have since started wearing it this winter which has been really cold and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and I have to agree with another reviewer the smell of a antiseptic cream and Vick vapour rub but I liked it so much so I used it all ;) Would I buy again , maybe :) This lasts a very long time on cloth. I didn t test it on my skin but within a week i was smelling my scarf all day. It's a very sensual, mysterious perfume and not easy to describe.Beautiful for night time but in the fall and winter I can wear this all day and night and it lasts for hours. I mainly get a blend of vanilla with a sweet cardamon (even though its not listed here). There are also intoxitating flowers, coming from imaginary garden. The vanilla is creamy and soft while the tonka and lily are deep and give the fragrance a weight and darkness.If you want something along the same vibe for cheaper try Guess By Marciano (although this is much better blended in my opinion). The duality is incredibly well expressed and appealing to someone like me, who constantly flirts with the idea of wearing strong, overpowering men's scents (one of my fav perfumes is Guerlain's 'L'Habit Rouge'), but also has a girly / lady-like side. I can't recognize them, they just melt with the other ingredients of this potion. I wear this perfume tonight, in one of the last warm nights of the fading summer, the wind blows and the scent flows around me, makes me feel like an oriental princess under cover. In the upcoming cold days i will wear it more often - in the crispy air of the fall sweeter side of the fume will be more noticeable, vanilla will make it cosier, the spices will be somehow tamed. But the devil will be still there, waiting for his time, waiting for the angel to fall. It's also a very powerful scent that lingers all day long. On my want list it goes :) Its name says everything: Angel or Demon.It's such a complex fragrance and perfectly executed for what Givenchy was going for.When it's good (the Ange part) it's very good but when it's bad (the demon part) it's even better. Smells like a warm spicy vanilla pudding on my skin. On my skin this is very much portrays the angel side with an edge. On my skin the demonic side of this scent prevails - dark, rich vanilla mixed with exotic spices. It has a forefront note that smells of cream soda/rootbeer, which is unique and an absolute delight.

The opening of this one is amazing, I felt something citrusy & juicy (thought of lemon or neroli) and after 20 min something sweet came up that I really disliked!It is a bit clean and a bit dirty at the same time, it feels very dense and balmy, warm and still fresh, not overly sweet. The demon is warm and very spicy and the angel is a pure white flower with a touch of vanilla. It could easily be someone's signature, just don't blind buy it. Someone with a strong personality, but that is not overbearing. Sillage is close to the skin, if anyone wants to know. The notes sounded right up my street and I can usually safely blind buy dark vanilla-and-spice fragrances. This was another blind buy for me, as I went to multiple department stores and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about and would keep pointing me to Ange Ou Demon Le Secret which I already have.It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes this scent so alluring and sexy, but it's best when it wafts from your body and not when you put your nose to your skin. Which is a scent I really love, but it just does not last, and reading all the praises regarding this perfume, and the notes, I had to get this somehow.After a few times of testing I could also detect the mandarin, which is not really fruity here, but cuts through the cloud of creamyness with its freshness. Esse perfume para mim foi a melhor criação da casa Givanchy, ele é sedutor e elegante, tem realmente algo claro e escuro, ele para mim traduz muito bem o nome que tem Anjo ou demonio, bem e mal, sedução pura ou sedução sexy.In the drydown vanilla takes the main stage, supported by the bright floral notes of ylang ylang and lily. The final skinscent after many hours of wearing is a bit flat compared to the rest of the perfume, it's just creamy, light vanilla without much projection. Adoro suas nuances e tudo que faz sentir, me sinto mais bonita e poderosa com ele.

When I finally received it and took it out of the bottle, for a moment I was immediately regretful because the smell of the box was just funky and I feared this was what the fragrance smelled like. However it did take some time for me to come around to it.

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Completely free local spicy chat

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