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And thus the chart described in the comic will be examined a little more seriously than maybe it should... Among other things, the more complete analysis would include the discussion of the fact that for female subjects, "dating pool" is something like a cafeteria selection of more than willing (sometimes TOO willing) prospective partners, and for male subjects, "dating pool" is more like a wish list and would include a factor to account for the near zero probability that anyone on that list is actually actively seeking a partner *and* willing to consider the male subject in that capacity.

This is one of many reasons men like me tend not to apply math to this particular subject .. I'd like to see some kind of bell curve or formula/chart describing the number of people intelligent enough to have children but choose not to vs.

A person who would marry a much older person for financial gain would often do many other, creepier things. Or, I can just cope with being in a creepy relationship.»Somewhere at the edge of the bell curve is the girl for me.« Or belle curve, as it were In reality it's probably better than that — the assumption of normality is usually utterly unsupported, and the other distributions that come out of the Central Limit Theorem have fatter tails, so they have more people "somewhere at the edge" than the bell curve does. Maybe it's just that his method for approximating the cohort data really sucked hard?

As for wondering whether your situation is sad, I would say it depends entirely on the people themselves and the reason you like them, not their ages. In fact, I'll be disobeying it for another 8 years... Edit the third: Fuck, I'd been misreading that guy's numbers...turns out his number was around 65 million, which is perfectly in line with my 70 million. I won't dispute the math here (I think it's great) - however, I think it is worth noting the diminishing set of opportunities to meet these members of our non-creepy pool of people as we get older.

Well yes, except that I rounded my age up to 20, which I will be in a few months, and our actual age difference is closer to 14 years.

Age is not always a reliable indicator of maturity, naivety, and wisdom, and cases where it isn't are generally rather clear to someone who knows the people involved and doesn't make age-based assumptions. You know what, I take it back, this comic makes me depressed. In fact, I'll be disobeying it for another 8 years... To be fair, though, I should be shot for using the phrase "in my experience" in this context, so my advice is equivalent to random noise. After posting that, I ended up having to go ahead and attempt to reproduce that guy's data; it turns out the cohort population is easily found from the second of the two tables here.I got my first kiss at the onset of my SOPHOMORE (not even freshman) year at college.... My father was afeared catholic girls school had turned me lesbian... I'm on Boy numero 6, and I still feel like I haven't quite lived.I'm wondering who he expected me to find and bring home, exactly. However I also really likes him lots and hope to stay with him foevah and evah..evah.However, I am breaking that rule with glee, as I am 27.91, and my girlfriend is 45.42.This wouldn't even fall in a range that had 8x/5 as an upper bound. I don't get why everyone is saying that 14 year olds can't date under this formula.

at almost 28 (and with a much reduced dating pool to start with, at an optimistic 10% of 50% of the population within my non-creepy age range), i try to hold out hope that there's a signficant number left in group (c): people who are just unlucky.

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Dating age difference rules xkcd introduction

Dating age difference rules xkcd