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When you see the constant struggle for basics in life, but at the same time the happiness and joy from the simple things, it reflects on your own life. No wonder there must be individuals across the globe who appreciate their incredible beauty. You don't just take a little vacation to go visit the people with a tradition built over thousands of years of being innocent, free, and most of all untouchable until recent advances in technology. it was nice to learn the goverment is reconizeing the tribes as a intrest to visitors and are providing them with health care,tribal bank accounts ,and cell phones to call for live in the rain forest in their own little heaven thanks you caputured your subjects wounderfully Superb gallery.

There is one question I am hoping can be adequately answered -- is there a way a man such as myself can access communication with some of the Himba?

I can assure anyone that I shall at all times exorcise the utmost courtesy and respect. Brian C Schmoll, Hacienda Heights, California, USABrian If its the same village we visited, its a village for orphans and nearly all the people visitors meet are women and children.

Call any time- day or night- and find exactly what you are looking for on Nightline.Russian women are not only beautiful but also fashionable, trendy, and stylish.Regardless of where they are going, either to buy groceries or drop the waste bin, they look gorgeous in high heels and shorts showing their smooth, tender skin.You can find more details in the following National Geographic article: Let them live their lives as free roaming nomads for the few years they have left on this planet before the encroachment of people like yourself carelessly ruin every thing they stand for and represent at which point they will no longer exist...fs=www7.My wife and I have spent a remarkable day with these beautiful people, a day we'll never forget. If you like this gallery, please do not forget to vote for it. The Himba are indeed amongst the most beautiful people in the world -- so subtly attractive, the features, the skin tone. Moorthywhat a collection of namibian beauty, a total tradition,a unique culture,i highly love and respect them allot, as the only people in namibia who want to preserv their culture, tradition and their way of life. They don't wear clothes because they don't want to wear clothes, its part of their culture and all Africans are not dying of starvation and need rescueing, you in the West are the one's that need rescueing - A Namibian citizen Hey Victor, How do you visit them? Such a selfish comment in today's high paced, move too fast of way of life.... What a jackass comment A beautiful but merciful scene is there which gives a message to all viewers that we should help out these people who are suffering from starvation and leading a miserable life even they dont have clothes to wear. This is the time to think about were wounderfull, we recently went to panama and met a tribe of indians who were so friendly and kind. We are surrounded by materialistic items to signify wealth, power and to define who we are when really all that matters is food, shelter and family!

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Free vewing sexy dating

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