Freshman dating a senior in college

If you had asked me in high school I would have said no way it's weird.We are on two totally different pages in our lives. But anyway, an RA in my building is a senior and at first I was thin king I should not even bother talking to him because he's on his way out of college and I just got here. Would he be weirded out if I, the freshman expressed my interest in dating him? How important are common interests to you in dating? Would you feel rare/extraordinary people were common if you met 10 of them everyday? 4 Reasons You Should Never Hit Your Children, NO MATTER WHAT!

That way, when you are in a relationship you're not totally dependent on someone else taking care of you, and you know how to carry on if the relationship does end, which it very well might.

Date a dude in the bookstore for discount textbooks, date a dude at Urban Outfitters for discount crop tops, and date a Whole Foods cashier for discount kale.

The world is your oyster, and you'll have everything at 20 percent off, please!

)AGE 15 You date Scotty, the kid who co-starred in the school's production of "Into the Woods" with you. AGES 16–17 You sit behind Miles Hendricks in calculus and the entire world explodes under the weight of your sexual tension.

It would've been perfect if he didn't have an enormous hard-on for Jack's beanstalk the entire time.

Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't, but in the end, you know you're gonna be OK.

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Freshman dating a senior in college introduction

Freshman dating a senior in college