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Grand theft auto 4 dating guide

The first chapter of Grand Theft Auto IV begins in Broker, Liberty City, where you take missions from Roman Bellic, Little Jacob and a group of hardcore Eastern European characters.

During this chapter, Niko reveals his motivations for coming to Liberty City.

This is your first date with your new girlfriend Michelle.

Before the cutscene begins, a "relationship tutorial" is given, which shows how different friends and girlfriends have different likes and dislikes, and each friend will offer a different reward for maintaining a good relationship.

During the cutscene, Roman spots Dardan - another loanshark - trying to make a run for it. Eventually, he will abandon his car at the Twitchins Sugar Factory near the bridge at Charge Island, so you have to follow him up the stairs and into the factory.

Follow the on-screen instructions to disarm Dardan and steal his weapon.

Vlad is at the depot waiting for his money, but Roman isn't present.

While Roman is away, Vlad tries to persuade Mallorie to leave Roman and go with him instead.

Final Destination No Love Lost Shadow Logging On Rigged to Blow The Master and the Molotov Russian Revolution Roman's Sorrow Escuela of the Streets Street Sweeper Search and Delete Easy as Can Be Out of the Closet Luck of the Irish Blow Your Cover The Puerto Rican Connection The Snow Storm Have a Heart No.In the cutscene, Niko suggests going to the carnival, but the carnival is currently closed because they're turning it into "some Las Venturas-style theme park." Go bowling instead, and play a 5 frame game with Michelle.This particular game is free, but in future they won't be.Kill Dardan, get back in Roman's car, and then take him back to the depot.During the drive to the depot, Niko tells Roman about a similar problem he had when he was in Europe - a man called Bulgarin believed he owed him money when he didn't, and he was always trying to "squeeze it out of him." Niko says Bulgarin is one of the main reasons he moved to Liberty City - he wants revenge.

When you arrive, a short cutscene will take place, and afterwards you need to beat up Bledar and Kalem.

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Grand theft auto 4 dating guide introduction

Grand theft auto 4 dating guide

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