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Send a Cow shows farmers how to make a tip-tap, to promote good hygiene through hand-washing (you press your foot on the stick so that water pours from the bottle. ) These raised beds are known as mountain gardens (crops grown on ‘mountains’ of rich compost sourced from other parts of the farm).

Keeping crops off the ground also prevents animal and insect infestations.

Members of the family oversee different sections of the farm.

Consolatta Massinde from the Pattu Women’s Group proudly showed me her chickens which were her main responsibility.

Also, the Strategy called for appropriate measures to be taken in order to bring about profound social and economic changes and to eliminate the structural imbalances that compounded and perpetuated women's disadvantages in society. The strategies contained in the World Plan of Action and in the Programme of Action were important contributions towards enlarging the perspective for the future of women.

In most areas, however, further action is required.

Another brilliantly simple idea from Send a Cow; crops are planted below the eaves of a building to capture rainwater as it runs off the roof!

Ten years ago, when the Decade was launched, there was hope that accelerated economic growth, sustained by growing international trade, financial flow and technological developments, would allow the increased participation of women in the economic and social development of those countries.In Western Kenya I was struck by just how effective some of the simplest ideas can be.Take Send a Cow’s pass it on principle; kick-starting one small farm with the giving of seeds, skills and livestock sends waves of hope through villages as the newly-learned skills and yield are shared with neighbours, who then share with their neighbour and so on, until whole communities’ lives are changed for the better. The founding of the United Nations after the victory in the Second World War and the emergence of independent States following decolonization were some of the important events in the political, economic and social liberation of women.The International Women's Year, the World Conferences held at Mexico City in 1975 and Copenhagen in 1980, and the United Nations Decade for Women: Equality, Development and Peace contributed greatly to the process of eliminating obstacles to the improvement of the status of women at the national, regional and international levels.

The World Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Objectives of the International Women's Year, adopted by the World Conference of the International Women's Year at Mexico City in 1975, was endorsed by the General Assembly in its resolution 3520 (XXX).

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Kenyan women xxx introduction

Kenyan women xxx

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