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The prosecution said the piece had broken “traditional family values” to promote “genderless and fruitless so-called tolerance” In May last year, a gay man from the southern Russian city of Volgograd who was tortured to death in an apparent hate crime, was sexually assaulted with beer bottles, and had his skull “smashed with a stone.” The naked and beaten body of the 23-year-old man was found in the courtyard of an apartment building in the city.“He was raped with beer bottles and had his skull smashed with a stone,” said Natalia Kunitskaya, a spokeswoman for the Volgograd region branch of the Investigative Committee.In being found guilty, his newspaper became the first media outlet to have been found in breach of the law.Last September the newspaper printed an interview with Alexander Yermoshkin, a teacher fired for being gay, in which he talked about his dismissal, his attack by a neo-Nazi group, and involvement in LGBT demonstrations.One of the suspects has a criminal history, the statement said.

Although the main motive for the crime was homophobia, the three men were prosecuted for murder, not hate crime.

Recently, a Russian gay dating app was blocked, with users threatened with arrest and imprisonment under the anti-gay propaganda law.

According to Dmitry T, the founder and CEO of the product, all members of the Grindr-like app were sent a message warning them that they will be arrested.

In the following Pink News catalogue of anti-gay stories in Russia, we take yet another look at some of the most shocking events to date, from the newspaper editor fined for printing “being gay is normal” this year, to the earliest incidents covered by this site, such as when the gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was punched in the face at a 2007 pride parade.

 The stories come in no particular order however, neither chronological nor hierarchical.

A Russian newspaper editor was fined 50,000 roubles (£860) last month under the ‘gay propaganda’ law for printing that “being gay is normal”.

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Aug 3, 2015. Posts about Gay written by Mike. 'Tell me something interesting about yourself' A gay dating app experiment. Six weeks ago, I changed my Grindr status to. He wasn't like me, sure, but maybe he knew my secret, could hear the hum of what I was underneath the megaphone of what I wanted to be. 
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Feb 7, 2014. In the following PinkNews catalogue of anti-gay stories in Russia, we take yet another look at some of the most shocking events to date, from the. They told the marchers, through megaphones, “Your rally is not sanctioned, you're disrupting passers-by,” before pulling them into waiting police trucks. 
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Brandon Stansell Talks 'Slow Down' Music Video and the Growing Gay Country Music Scene. brandon-stansell-slow-down-pride-interview. "I have a story to tell and I don't mind telling it through a microphone, or a megaphone." Dustin Diehl. By Dustin Diehl @DRJedi. December 02 2016 PM EST. Share on Twitter. 
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Jan 29, 2018. Q&A 'Schitt's Creek' Creator Dan Levy Talks Show's Beloved Gay Relationship, Guiding Non-Queers and Living More Like His Free-Spirited Pansexual Character. Last year your co-star Emily Hampshire, who plays Stevie, told me men expect her to be Stevie on dates and that she feels bad she's not. 
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Jul 18, 2016. Nickelodeon is about to bring down the house — the "Loud House," that is. 
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Aug 21, 2017. Tuesday was a good day to be an incumbent in Mobile, as Mayor Sandy Stimpson and five City Council members held onto their seats by substantial margins. we're in compliance," said Hale, regarding the tailgate activity which included one Jones supporter encouraging people to vote on a megaphone. 
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But wait, there's a male who is throwing those small girls in the air. They're the ones with the booming voices and the giant megaphones. They can do cool flips and tricks too. I just so happen to be dating one of those guys. I prefer to call him a stunt man because that's his job. He starts the cheers because he's a co-captain. 
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Mar 31, 2016. Snapchat is growing up pretty quickly. What started out as a way to share photos that self-destruct in 10 seconds, has evolved into one of the most complete and engaging communication platforms on the market today. On March 29, Snapchat unveiled a major overhaul of its chat platform, enabling a whole. 
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Megaphone gay phone dating

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