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Robert pattinson dating zimbio

OTOH, he came out in a way that blasted the Russians for their homophobia. Just as he lied, you found it necessary to create a tale that he's "pretending" to stand up for gay rights. His announcement did show that he's now standing up for gay rights.

His message to the Russians is doing more for gay rights than anything you ever have or ever will do for gay rights.

I think he's just not comfortable being in the public eye at all, and that's why he avoided drawing attention to himself.

You can (and some do) argue that he had an obligation or moral responsibility to come out right out of the gate, but I can't imagine being in his shoes and being such a shy person.[quote]Miller is never going to fuck you R108, so no need to keep figuratively sucking his dick here.

Miller is never going to fuck you r108, so no need to keep figuratively sucking his dick here.

I didn't call you any names, and I'm not stupid because your jack-off fantasy partner is capitalizing on current events for some good publicity. As with the case with Neil Patrick Harris' publicist, many publicists do speak for their clients and get overzealous to the point of homophobia and closeting covering for the gay ones.

"All those guys are so far in the closet that they're practically in Narnia. They are clinging to the closet too strongly.[quote]Why do black people always want to claim mixed folks as being all black? But for some black people that isn't enough and they want him to act like he's all black and totally ignore his white side.

Not to cowtow to the "one drop" rule, but when you look at President Obama for instance, although he's light-ish skinned, you automatically think 'That's a black man.'R57 But the point is that someone said "Now if he'd just come out as black" when Went has said many times that he's half black.

R60 Probably the same way the fangurls took it when Ricky, Clay, Lance, Neil, and all the rest of them came out.I recall people from Australia at the time saying the publication was a tabloid and not considered that credible, but it's been years so I don't remember.Maybe an Aussie can chime in.[quote]if it was such common knowledge that Wentworth was gay, why didn't he come out earlier?All other quotes that followed, including the German In Style, were taken from the Australian interview, either directly or indirectly.A few years ago, just after Prison Break was over, everyone on a few fan message boards speculated Wentworth would soon retire from acting for the most part and become a writer, something he had suggested he wantd to do for some time. And, of course, I wonder what Luke thinks about it all.

He's presumably a smart guy(Princeton graduate) from a smart family(his father is a Rhodes Scholar who went to Oxford), he knows what he's doing and what really matters to him, and it's not gay rights. He made a major stand for gay rights with this announcement. There is no audio or video recording of Wentworth ever saying anything like it, nor has he ever repeated it.

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Robert pattinson dating zimbio introduction

Robert pattinson dating zimbio

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