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Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns big and tall dating

Active Directory stores it’s resources and service locations in DNS in the form of SRV records (those folder names with the underscores in them).These records are used for a multitude of things, such as finding the domain when a client logons, domain replication from one DC to another, authentication, and more.Do not configure the DNS client settings on the domain controllers to point to your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) DNS servers or any other DNS other than the DNS hosting the AD zone, otherwise… Mistakes When Upgrading a Windows 2000 Domain To a Windows 2003 Domain (whether it was upgraded or not, this is full of useful information relating to AD and DNS, among other info):id=555040 Another question that has come up is, “Why can’t I use the ISP’s address as the second entry?Unfortunately, the ISP’s DNS does not have that info and they reply with an “I dunno know”, and things just fail.Unfortunately, the ISP’s DNS doesn’t have information or records about your internal private AD domain, and they shouldn’t have that sort of information.If the machine asks the DNS server, “Where is my domain controller? If you are using your NT4 as a DNS server in your AD domain, change it over to Win2003 DNS. NT4 DNS cannot support AD’s SRV requirements and dynamic updates.Windows DHCP service supports additional features for DNS Dynamic updates, as well as other features, that a router or firewall’s DHCP server does not support.

The same thing is occurring when you use an outside DNS server in your NIC properties (whether on the DC, member servers and/or client machines).

I’ve also observed that using a non-internal DNS addresses were also found on internal company desktops and laptops, whether the IP configuration was set by a static entry, or from DHCP (DHCP Option 006).

This type of configuration can and will lead to numerous issues with a Active Directory, from authentication issues, replication issues, to much more.

The ISP customer service reps are not well versed with how AD and DNS works, and frankly provide misguided advise.

Keep in mind, if a DC goes down for whatever reason, or simply not be available because the clients can’t “find” the DC,, so will your Exchange server, AD domain functions, mapped drive access, printer access, etc.

But once the VPN authenticates and connects, the VPN will be configured with your company’s internal DNS servers on its interface, and because the VPN interface by default is the first in the binding order, therefore the first interface it will use, will be able to logon to the domain and authenticate to the domain in order to access internal resources, which is what you want it to do.

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Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns introduction

Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns