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Silverlight combobox selecteditem not updating

You can expect that the control will meet the vast majority of usage scenarios.As a stable component, it may experience a very small number of API or behavior changes if feedback demands it.It provides suggestions when text is typed into the control, and supports rich collections of items, data templating, and extensibility opportunities for control developers. In the November release, the only way for the Selected Item property to be set was through two specific user interactions: Less than ideal, this lead to a situation where your control could be bound to a rich set of business objects.You could have a business object that is offered as a suggest when "Jeff Wilcox" is typed into the field - a user could type "Jeff Wilcox", but not select the suggestion in the drop-down, at which point Selected Item would be null.Here's the list of changes, new functionality, and breaking changes between the two official Silverlight Toolkit releases so far.I covered key differences in the previously published "Auto Complete Box: The missing guide," a must-read for anyone developing with the control.Here are some screen shots showing selected items on the right: After examining existing Auto Complete Box controls out there, and fixing the aforementioned text and Selected Item update experience, we decided to change the default text completion value to 'False'. Most users expect Auto Complete to offer suggestions, as opposed to automatically select the first suggestion.

Auto Complete Box is one of the core controls in the Silverlight Toolkit. The functionality to support this was added in the December release, so it is consistent with the items control experiene that List Box, Combo Box, and other controls exhibit for working with dynamic data.I need to persist the Combobox’s Selected Item and bind it back when user navigate back to the screen. My application is based on Caliburn Micro, a wonderful lightweight MVVM framework.To persist the selections, I wont create new View Model when ever the user clicks on the Navigation button.We've corrected this, and you'll now find that we always perform a search when text is updated over your local, existing items in the collection.This is not dependent on the Is Text Completion Enabled property at all.

Ordinal string comparisons were added to the Auto Complete Search Mode enumeration.

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Silverlight combobox selecteditem not updating introduction

Silverlight combobox selecteditem not updating