Spicy food dating site

Hope you enjoy the following print ads for hot sauces and other spicy foods.

He then ran into the bathroom and started being sick. (It also was in a cooler lunch box to keeps it cold from work to home, as it’s a long drive.) There was nothing different about my lunch that day.

I’d like your assurance that the company does not intend to penalize me for eating spicy food at lunch.” I’d also put a similar message in writing and email it to them “to document our conversation from earlier today.” Sometimes ridiculous people back down when they see that you take standing up for yourself seriously.

I’d also ask your boss what the hell he thinks is going on. If he’s confident that you don’t (and if his judgment is usually pretty good), then I suppose you can just let HR’s weird spiciness policing play out and ignore it as best you can.

Fast forward a day and my boss comes in asking if I tried to poison this person. I even took out my current day’s lunch and let my boss taste a bit (he was blown away by how spicy it was even though he only took a small bite).

I then proceeded to eat several spoonfuls to prove I could eat it with no problem. A week later, I got called up to HR for an investigation, claiming that I did in fact try to do harm to this person and this investigation is still ongoing.

I take my professional reputation very seriously, and I’m concerned that this bizarre story is impacting it.Set your palate aflame with these fiery options from around the world.Gochujang translates to ‘hot pepper paste’ and is used in many Korean dishes. People who eat spicy food six to seven days a week tend to live longer compared to those who eat the hot stuff less than once a week, according to a study led by Peking University Health Science Center and published in .The study, which tracked 487,375 healthy people, found that people who chowed down on fiery fare had a 14 percent lower mortality rate over a median 7.2 years.

Even though the more seasoned chileheads might get a chuckle at the idea of relatively-mild products like Tabasco or Jalapeno-flavored Pringles as being sweat-inducing, you’ve got to hand it to the men and women at advertising agencies.

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Spicy food dating site introduction

Spicy food dating site

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