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Totally free sissy dating

She recognized that this was some sort of protective stance he was assuming but she did not understand exactly what it was or why he was doing it.

She asked him once again, "Tom, back there when the car honked its horn you took that same position as you did with the dog, why?

" Tom, seemed to want to avoid the question and first said, "I don't know, I guess I just reacted." "Yes but why did you do what you did, crouching and putting your arms out like that, is that some sort of martial art's stance or something? "Ah, ya, ah no I don't think so I never studied martial arts it was nothing just forget about it," replied Tom.

Brenda brushed it off until several weeks later when they were walking through a parking lot and a car snuck up behind them and blew its horn.

He was assuming a curtsey position, a position of total submission and compliance to one's superior.

She tapped her foot and crossed her arms and smiled at Tom who was now quite embarrassed by his actions.

Tom thinking he was alone was startled by the act and quickly turned toward his assailant and placed his left foot behind his right, grasped the bottom of the towel on each side lifting it and bowing a perfect curtsey to Brenda.

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Tom hung his head even further and said, "Well, after my father died my mother tried to raise me right but I guess I did not listen very well or obey her the way she wanted and she finally got fed up and sent me away to Madam Rebecca's Correction School to have my attitude changed.

And well madam Rebecca uses some unconventional methods to correct bad behavior in boys." "Like what kind of methods," inquired Brenda? She had always known that she had a sense of power of some sort over men because of her beauty and their desire to be with her. This was a real power, a power that made her seem big and powerful and tom small and vulnerable. She also noted that she was enjoying seeing Tom squirm and turn red and that the feelings were exciting to her.

She said, "Ok Tom, I now recognize that you are executing a curtsey when you become startled.

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Totally free sissy dating introduction

Totally free sissy dating

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