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Updating firmware on stand alone divx player

I will add the parallel port interfaced buttons too at a later point when I got mostly everything else working does anyone know why i can't find any patents on anything similar to a standalone divx player?

i know there are many personal projects, and a few companies, like Ki SS.

You'll have to manually retrieve the uninstall strings from the registry of your player (or install the exact same software on another machine for that) so that's already too much of a pain in the butt to even bother about it.

Secondo, lots of soft won't even uninstall themselves properly.

However, I'm doing some major changes all the time, so I can't put out a "beta" yet or anything. Right now, it's just there, with only a few references to it in a couple threads on this forum.

Both Media Player and Micro DVD displayed it just fine. Works well enough If what you're calling firmware is instead just software (codecs and such), well, it has to be installed from windows itself (so no boot disk, unless you just use to bootdik to copy the update files to the box, which would have to check for updates at boot every time...) If that's what you're trying to do, just try the same way CD's autoplay. (you need to have auto insert notification enabled for that to work though) Also, if it's software, you might have to remove older versions of them first. so unless i can think of another idea, that's what i'm sticking with.You'll end up speding hours to try to do something that would be easy and take 30 seconds with a keyboard and mouse. i guess A LOT of people will be visiting your website for all this information. i've already installed Win98SE on my old HDD, but not totally sure on what i can get rid of. Most mp3 playing Active X controls suck, and are very limited.You seem to be thinking that if you hook some things together, they'll work like magic. also, how to get rid of the shell (explorer), and just have only what this project needs. So I decided to go Direct Show (most likely) but it won't render ogg vorbis files right Lots of annoyances like that, but it's making progress.The video card I used converted the computer's resolution of 800x600 to the resolution of the TV so any video, when selecting Full Screen mode, looked normal on the tv. (or anyone else for that matter) can you post some information up about updating the firmware via usb? So when it gets to make a usb drive, that autoplays (so far easy) that has to uninstall specific stuff then reinstall some more... also, why would it have to uninstall the old software?I've been fooling around with the Micro DVD software and the INI Editor that comes with it and I'm blown away by the results! doesn't make much sense, because every time i update the Div X Codec or whatever software on my system, i usually don't have to uninstall it.

Edit: Any Direct Show coding experts in the place??? messages to the top windows, and you'd have to use subclassing to handle the messages...

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Updating firmware on stand alone divx player introduction

Updating firmware on stand alone divx player

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